McAfee Spam Services (MXLogic) – What Users Should Know?

Welcome to McAfee Spam Services.  Here are a couple of functionality and user notes about the new service:

By default, spam reports will be sent once per day.  You can control what to do with the quarantined messages directly from the report.  Reports will not be sent if there weren’t messages marked as spam in that 24 hour period.To customize your spam service features, you can access the console by going to  Use the Forgot Password feature to gain access and set your permanent password.  Once logged into the console, please note the individual tabs across the top.  Most of them are self-explanatory but we would like to go over a couple specific functions of the service.


If you would like to edit the policy defaults for the Email Protection Settings, uncheck the “Use policy defaults” checkbox to make the changes.  Here’s an explanation of the three settings:

Medium Spam Action – This is email that the system believes is spam but could be valid mail.  The default is generally set to “Quarantine the message”.  We recommend leaving this setting to the default but it can also be set to “Do nothing”.  Please note, setting this to “Do nothing” will increase the amount of spam that is allowed to enter your inbox and will require you to manually mark the mail as spam or block the sender.

High Spam Action – This is email that the system recognizes as spam.  The default is generally set to “Quarantine the message”.  You might consider changing this to “Deny Delivery”.

Graymail Spam Action – Graymail is generally newsletters, mail lists, etc. that have been legitimately signed up for in one way or another.  The two recommended settings are “Do nothing” or “Quarantine the message”.  “Do nothing” will allow all these messages to come through to your inbox.  You will need to unsubscribe from the mailings, manually mark the items as spam or block the sender.

The console also has an integrated disaster recovery function that will hold all mail sent to your organization if the connection to the mail server is lost.  The tab called “Email Continuity” will allow you access to this spooled mail until the connection is restored.  Please note: if the connection to the mail server is working properly, this tab will not contain any email.

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If you have any further questions, please contact us.